Under direction of Margarita Barrios Ponce | Featured Here | Print, Motion | Fall 2014

This campaign seeks to spread awareness about the poor treatment of orca whales in captivity. While it may seem distant from daily life, the ads attempt to put the abuse in human terms. While orca whales in captivity suffer through many (many, many) forms of abuse, this campaign focuses on the lack of space in which they are confined.

Tanked logo

Tanked logo.

Tanked ad near Copley

Captive whales are confined to less than .01% of the space they would have in the wild.

Tanked T Stop Ad

This ad takes full advantage of where it is placed. The three panels could also be placed inside a T Station, but is explored to full effect here, in which the stop itself is the tank.

Tanked Trash Can Ad

While the posters work as a 2D object, putting them in a 3D context adds volume and gives the viewer a clearer sense of the space in which the orcas are enclosed.