A branding + identity system for the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Yogyakarta, Indonesia including a logotype, print advertisements, letterhead, business card, web landing page, brochure booklet, and a 3D site sign.

As I worked through various pieces of collateral, the brand shifted. Working within various constraints forced me to re-think color choices and typography choices.

The earthy colors come from the stones of the monument, and the diagonal background treatment of the photography (used most notably in the booklet) helps draw attention to the verticality of the structures and allows for a consistent visual treatment to help tie disparate pieces together.


Brand + identity development, layout design


InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD


Fall 2016

Under direction of Professor

Doug Scott

Stationery branding

Developed a system of typography, color, and photography treatment in a stationery set.


Prambanan logotype—the double stroke in the three As emphasize the three prominent temples in the symbol and echo the stroke around the circular mark.

Booklet spread

One spread from a typeset booklet about Prambanan and UNESCO World Heritage Convention.

Entire 24-page booklet.

Scrolling website mockup

Landing page of the website mockup including tour information and prominent photography of the site. Tours and tickets are included as the primary CTA within the main nav bar, as that is the primary goal for the tourist audience.

Desktop homepage mockup only.

Mockup of a site sign

A mockup of a 3D site sign, which is is four-sided to accomodate seven languages. The form is a small-scale version of what some of the surrounding small Pervara temples would have looked like.