Email marketing

One of my biggest goals while at City Year was to bridge the gap between our design team and our digital needs. In both our email marketing and our web presence, I wanted to move away from text on image, where possible.

Using live text in digital environments is beneficial because it...

  • boosts SEO (is text-searchable)
  • is mobile-responsive
  • loads more quickly
  • is less likely to be marked as spam
  • can be easily copied and pasted
  • is not automatically blocked in Outlook
  • makes the copy-editing process more efficient

In addition to improving the structure and templates of our email marketing, I also worked on numerous campaigns and one-off projects, refreshing old emails and creating new nurture campaigns with guidance from the digital team.


Design, wireframing, html+inline css development


Dreamweaver, XD, Photoshop, Marketo



Marketo header designs

A selection of headers I designed in our brand campaign style using collage-like elements of school supplies and photos of our work with students.

In this series of email headers, the logo on the sticky note was used to intensify the collage motif and visually connect the editable content with the header.

We had a wide base of users spanning our 29 sites across the country. I kept a log of things that these users reported were hard to use or things they mentioned they struggled with, and collaborated with the digital marketing specialist on my team to prioritize these improvements. Armed with this feedback log, I created 12 re-usable, mobile-responsive modules in Marketo that users could pull into their emails.

One of the first foundational improvements I made was adding a freestanding CTA module. The previous workflow had largely been to create and import an image and then link it to its destination. Adding the freestanding CTA allowed our users to streamline their workflow for a custom CTA, and ensured a consistent, on-brand design.

Custom Marketo template with guidance language

I coded the html+css of the Marketo template to include on-brand fonts and guidance photos. The template I built also had helpful tips about downsizing images for faster load time and a reminder to add alt text for better accessibility.

Email with a header image and two columns with animated gifs

An email from one of our nurture campaigns. For this email, there were two subsections of equal importance, so I split them into two columns using the module I coded.

To boost our subscriber engagement, I also minimally animated two of our icons using After Effects.