National Graduation event

At the end of the school year, the global pandemic had forced everyone to turn to online events in lieu of in-person events. Each of our 29 sites orchestrated their own virtual Graduation celebration, using branding with cursive type and radial lines on bright red (see bottom).

When we pivoted to put together—for the first time—a national event, it made sense to make the large event related to existing Graduation event materials, but markedly different. As the design lead, I had full control of the look and feel and worked intensely to piece videos together, working on an extremely tight timeline.


Event identity, motion graphics, promotional material design


After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign


May 2020

Featured on the City Year Facebook page, June 2020.

Facebook event with cover photo for the Graduation event

I also created social media assets to promote the event, including looping promo pieces for Twitter, continuous swiping images for Instagram, and bright cover photos for Facebook (pictured).

Graduation design by a colleague
Graduation motion lockup

Example of branding used by local graduation celebrations featuring cursive type and radial lines on bright red (design on left by colleague Laurie Heller).

I wanted the national celebration to feel like it was in the same family and kept the radial lines to tie them together. With the addition of motion, it was important to make the type more immediately readable (dark text, no cursive).