Geo-weighting eGuide

This eGuide was designed to demonstrate a product offering in ownerIQ's portfolio. I worked with a grid as the basis for my spread layouts, created type rules to separate informational hierarchy, illustrated concepts and icons, and helped curate the content to make it more understandable.

The project began as pure copy in a Word document and took on life through the illustrations and type treatment I created. After the PDF guide was created, I also collaborated to create a standard web banner ad set that drove to a gated lead-gen landing page.


Layout design, illustration, banner ad design


InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop


May 2016


On the ownerIQ website

Sketches for the Geo-Weighting eGuide

Sketches in the early planning stages of designing the eGuide (outlining basic concepts, thumbails for potential illustrations).

City Year Boston Instagram post featuring three AmeriCorps members posing together
City Year Seattle Instagram post featuring an AmeriCorps member smiling at a student

Example of original illustrations and typographic callouts created for this project.

A page from the eGuide

To help the reader understand the differences between Geo-Fencing, ZIP Scoring, and Geo-Weighting, I illustrated three maps with their explanatory copy below.

Facebook ad example

Part of the ad set created to promote the eGuide using the same visual language as the book.