Dusk event suite

Supporting a national organization with hundreds of events is a design challenge in and of itself. Rather than start from scratch for every event, my team worked every year to create starter template files in a variety of themes so that for events, we could quickly populate those templates and build off our previous work.

The intended audience for the “Dusk” theme I designed was one with above-average knowledge of City Year—the geometric lines, elegant serif font and gradient background does not immediately scream ‘education’ to the viewer. One of the unique things about this template is that I created three variants (orange, green, black/white) so that it could be used multiple times for a series of events or over a couple years for recurring events.


Template design, layout design


InDesign, Photoshop


Spring 2020

Save the Date example

Save The Date template, with placeholder paragraph styles and typical placeholder information included.

Podium sign
Event registration sign

Template pieces in the orange variant at an event in New York. This event suite had very high levels of interest in our in-house focus groups.

PowerPoint template

PowerPoint: every designer's favorite tool to work with. Used system fonts as the base to ensure it would display on PCs.

Program booklet cover

Program booklet in the green theme for a Cleveland event.