Prambanan Branding + Identity

Under Direction of Doug Scott | Print, Brand + Identity | Fall 2016

A branding system for the breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Site in Yogyakarta, Indonesia including a logotype, print advertisements, letterhead, business card, web landing page, brochure booklet, and a 3D site sign.


Prambanan logotype — the double stroke in the As emphasize the three prominent temples in the symbol and echo the stroke around it.

Stationery branding

Developed a system of typography, color, and photography treatment in a stationery set.

Zimbabwe Infographic

One spread from a typeset booklet of 24 pages.

Zimbabwe Infographic

Landing page of a new website including tour information and prominent photography.

Zimbabwe Infographic

A mockup of a 3D site sign. The sign is four-sided to accomodate seven languages and is a small-scale version of some of the surrounding small Pervara temples.