News & Events Webpage

Design Lead | Featured Here | Web | May 2016

I re-designed the corporate News & Events page for ownerIQ, focusing largely on hierarchy and readability. I added year tabs (2016, 2015, 2014) to organize the ultra-long list of press, and added a banner at the top to help call out the more important articles.

I also implemented the new design using HTML, CSS, and GitHub.

Updated version of website

Updated elements: short preview of article (for quicker scanning), hierarchy of logo, title, date, and author more clear, tabs between dates, headliner article in top banner, 'Featured In...' banner at bottom (showcases breadth).

Outdated version of website

Previous version with timeline format. Logos are all on green rectangles (appears chunky), typographic hierarchy is not as clear, endless scrolling between years, distracting column on right.