Geo-Weighting e-Guide

Design Lead | Featured Here | Print, Web | May 2016

This eGuide was designed to demonstrate a product offering in ownerIQ's portfolio. I created a grid and type rules to typeset the content, as well as helped curate the content to make it more understandable.

The project began as pure copy in a Word document and took on life through the illustrations and type treatment I created. I also collaborated to create a standard web ad set to help promote the e-Guide.

Sketches for Geo-Weighting e-Guide

Sketches in the early planning stages of the e-Guide.

The Art of Perfection
The Art of Perfection

Example of original illustrations and typographic treatment created for this publication.

The Art of Perfection

Different examples were organized into a timeline along with original illustrations to help the reader understand the differences between Geo-Fencing, ZIP Scoring, and Geo-Weighting.

Facebook ad

Part of the ad set created to promote the e-Guide.