Carrie Ambo stands against a blue wall with an illustrated dress

Design has a crucial role in everyday life, and I want to use my skill set to make the world a more understandable, beautiful place.

For the past year or so, I’ve been working at an agency in Seattle as a Visual + Motion Designer, making videos and learning more about the e-commerce world. For the three years before that, I was part of an in-house design crew at an education-focused non-profit after obtaining my BFA in Design with a Concentration in Graphic and Information Design (wordy, I know) at Northeastern University in Boston. I still feel somewhat new to the Seattle area and am enjoying exploring the city.

My ideal job will put my motion design skills, digital knowledge, and print experience to use and contribute to the world in a meaningful, inclusive way.

If we’re working on a team together, it might be nice to know that I generally enjoy interacting with people, that I’m deadline-driven, and that I love using a good em-dash.

In my down time, I’m also running an Etsy shop where you can buy some prints of my watercolors. Feel free to contact me about freelance design work or custom paintings! I’d love to work with you.

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hellocarriejo on Instagram
hellocarriejo on Instagram